The APM division of Allentis integrates application and network probes adapted to the analysis needs on issues that go up to the understanding of multi-tier environments and databases.


With ExtraHop the network teams are at the center of the digital enterprise

Beyond network analysis and standard indicators, ExtraHop offers innovative appliances to identify sources of malfunctions.

An application is slowed down or unavailable from a site. ExtraHop reveals the factual origin of these dysfunctions. What is the status of the network? Are there any errors on the databases? Is Citrix behaving well? Is the multi-tier architecture involved? etc ...

It is to all these questions that Extrahop answers in a simple and comprehensible way and is placed at the center of the company.


In addition, the opening of ExtraHop and its available APIs facilitate interfacing with hypervision solutions such as Qualevent. Integration is simplified.


We bring here all the skills to put in place complete integrated solutions for the management of your IS. We assist our customers in the deployment of metrology cockpits and supervision of the business services. So, we meet the expectations in the monitoring of digitalization of organizations